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Testimonials from earlier online workshops
“In Matyas's online training for performing arts, doors opened for me and I discovered a very rich toolkit for helping and supporting artistic self-expression. The training was very well structured, easy to follow, meaningful and inspiring.”                         - Zsófi Darida, participant
“The atmosphere of the training is liberating, it gives an opportunity to experiment and explore. Last but not least, the course provides participants with a series of exercises that can be used during the post-training period."                                                                - Zsuzsa Lehőcz, actress
“Matyas Marofka's workshops fill a gap. The approach to the performer’s problems encourages further experimentation, which is inspiring not only during the training but also in later periods. The attention paid to each participant is especially sympathetic.”                                                                                                                                                                         - Dániel Takács, actor
"The precisely built-on trainings revealed solid knowledge and good leadership skills, so the work together was enjoyable and full of anticipation."                                                               - Tamás Liszkai, teacher in performative arts
“Matyas is highly knowledgeable, and he is happy to share this knowledge, which can be applied in practice, and formulates exciting suggestions about certain elements of the creative process. All this took place in a good mood, in a supportive environment, I found it completely natural to be in this development process. For me, the training was a liberating, inspiring experience. "                                                                                                               - Barbara Tatai, participant
"Super, gap-filling training! Very classy, enjoyable, and useful! It works very well and it is refreshing to be alone and only be able to pay attention to myself! It’s great that you don’t have to be particularly prepared for it! It's great that it's online!!!"                              - Karina Nagy, actress

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