I am the artistic director of Ladder Art Company, an emerging interdisciplinary cultural association based in Budapest, Hungary.  It has been organizing cultural events, workshops, and artistic collaborations, and producing theatre productions since its establishment in 2016.
The company’s motivation is to encourage conscious, responsible, open-minded, acceptive thinking and activities in society through cultural events and educational programs.

President: Balázs Kulcsár
Production Manager: Brigitta Kovács
Artistic Director: Matyas Marofka​​​​​​​
- circus-mime show (2018-)
Our first theatre piece has been invited to several international theatre festivals: Bergen Fringe Festival 2019 (Norway), Istanbul Fringe 2019 (Turkey), Infinite Festival 2020 (Romania).

Mondays for Future 
Greta Thunberg’s father is rather handsome 
- devised theatre show about climate change  (2020- work in progress)

Ongoing education in performative arts
Theatre Master Courses
We aim to raise the consciousness of established expertise and techniques for a new generation of actors and theatre practitioners. Since 2016, as part of the Theatre Master Courses project, we have been organizing international  theatre workshops in Budapest. The courses have been led by internationally acclaimed teachers from all around the world including Ian Morgan (UK), Vladimir Granov (Russia/France), Oleg Zhukovskiy (Russia), Gretchen Egolf (US), Joan Catala (Spain) amongst others. The quality and professionalism of our training programs have attracted an increasing number of participants on a national and international level.

International Theatre Workshop Forum Festival
With the support of the Visegrad Fund, we are organizing the International Theatre Workshop Forum Festival in June 2021, as a 2-week program in Budapest. It is going to include international workshops, meetings, talks, and performances – with ongoing theatre education at its core.
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